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Since the end of the summer of 2019, a number of anarchist internationalist comrades of the informal and insurrectionary tendency, anticipating an international initiative – postponed for reasons of force majeure – have been engaged in a correspondence around the situation and about the current conditions of the anarchic galaxy of action around the world. By tracking not only their extreme positions but also their shortcomings, multiple affinities emerged not only between the different comrades but even between the multiple tensions that exist.

Therefore, we believe that there are sufficient reasons to undertake a debate within the galaxy, involving all sensibilities, in order to reach a “New Anarchic Manifesto”, capable of showing us the way towards a theoretical-practical paradigm, which would facilitate a symbiosis even within the existing differences, and the adaptation of the anarchism of action towards the necessary immediate destruction of the current hyper-technological domain of the capital state.

It was in this spirit that the “Proposal for a new anarchist manifesto” was drawn up, the fruit not only of the epistolary dialogue between some comrades, but also, and above all, of the exchange of knowledge, opinions and reflections between the interlocutors, stimulating, promoting and increasing the perspectives and possible readings of both the general situation of the movement and the current system of domination in all its aspects.

However, the debate, the perspectives and the consequent proposals, cannot be limited to dozens of comrades, scattered throughout the planet. Rather, they must be opened up at the international level so that the flow of tensions that animate the informal and insurrectionary tendency of contemporary anarchism, generates new perspectives – expected and desired – that make concrete some form of collaboration, multiplying in an exacerbated way the disruptive power of the destruction of domination in all its forms.

This collaboration does not have to be channelled towards a new subject (that is not the purpose of the proposal “For a New Anarchic Manifesto”), but it emerges in a thousand and one ways from the exchange of opinions and from the same organisational informality that the proposal of the New Manifesto arouses and welcomes. Hence the idea of the Site, a questionable tool of course, but one that currently allows us to debate and widen the circle of contacts, in order to evaluate the reality that oppresses us from a 360° angle and “our reality” that it tries to radically destroy.

This site (which could be defined as international) has been developed in English, as we consider this language to be more accessible on a planetary level. From this language, the content can be accessed in other languages, where, in turn, you will find reference points for those who wish to make contact in their own language or who have difficulties in understanding English. The (international) site will contain the “Proposal for a new anarchic manifesto” in its English version, as well as the areas where, also in English, debates will take place, proposals for additions and/or modifications, etc.; as well as a space for topical communication, regardless of its relation to the debates.

It will correspond to the individual linguistic “situations” of reference, translating from English and into English what participants consider valid, with the intention of socialising the discussion at a general level (in the international space), and what is considered of particular interest of a specific place at the level of the corresponding idiomatic expression.

A specific e-mail address is available for those who wish to communicate directly with the international site:


Some internationalist comrades of the informal and insurrectionary tendency

*A clarification about using the “Theory is action” cathegory.

Obviously we are very pleased to welcome, in addition to theoretical-analythical contribution related to the ongoing debate between the various components of insurrectionary and informal anarchism, also the NEWS concerning struggles, protests, attacks and riots against the established power.

However we think that is important, to ensure the completeness of the debate and the full comprehension of the real dinamics of the ongoing clash, that such news is “accompanied” by a picture, although overall and succint if you will, of the social contexts, of the role of technologies in place in the territories, of the considerations that the comrades makes about them, as well as stimuli and tensions at the stake.

It is not, and we want to highlight it right away, some form of “prior restraint”, but to give to the comrades who intervene in the debate, as many tools of knowledge and reflection for an enrichment of one’s own and the others’s baggage of considerations for a enlargement of informal and insurrectionary anarchist perspectives.

On the other hand there are many information tools – widely known and used – that our galaxy has at its disposal, and that we consider very valuable and very useful to gather informations and anything else that is helpful for a timely international overview of the attacks, and contrasts with the current system; instruments wich we in turn will continue to use and enrich as we have done so far.*

For corrispondances: corrispondenzeanarchiche@autistici.org